Welcome to the Aboriginal Rules website... the official website of the Yuendumu Magpies Football Club and the documentary 'Aboriginal Rules'.

Here you will find excerpts from the documentary and extra clips from the DVD. There are also photos and music and information about the football team.

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ABORIGINAL RULES is an independently funded 55 minute documentary produced by Warlpiri Media Association Inc, the makers of the award winning original Bush Mechanics.

Directed by Liam Campbell and co-directed by Francis Jupurrula Kelly and Neil Jupurrula White, Aboriginal Rules sets a new standard for collaborative film making between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

This rare, behind-the-scenes look at the grassroots Aboriginal football experience reinforces the need for Aboriginal controlled media organisations to maintain their position in remote Australia. This documentary was made primarily for Aboriginal people by Aboriginal people in their own voice and on their own terms – but is generating great interest from mainstream Australia because of its unique independent voice. Because Warlpiri Media own all rights, they are set to gain and bring back to remote communities, any financial remuneration that may be generated.

This is a significant advancement in economic independence through a commercial enterprise for remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Philanthropic trusts such as the Pratt Foundation and Rio Tinto Aboriginal Foundation have supported this venture not only for the media training opportunities and economic independence but also for the community benefits through promoting the health and well being benefits of sport and recreation.